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  • Toreka



    Requested loan: $800

    Amount raised: $0

    Vaimoso, Samoa

    to buy 40 bags of cement, sand, a shovel, and a wheelbarrow to help her run her business.

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  • Matauaina



    Requested loan: $1000

    Amount raised: $0

    Manunu, Samoa

    to buy taro roots (seedlings), banana tubes (seedlings), a wheelbarrow, rake, shovel, water tank, hand gloves, backpack sprayer, and chainsaw.

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  • Seila


    Souvenir Sales

    Requested loan: $800

    Amount raised: $0

    Vailele, Samoa

    to buy Samoan T-shirts, printed material, cava bowls, coconut carved earrings, bangles and Samoan designed caps

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